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Friday, July 20, 2012

Disoriented To Time

One of the downs of having no classes, or work, or just anything to do with your life but stay home is having no idea what day it is. Take for example my latest entry, which I posted just two days ago-- On a Random TUESDAY. See? I would not have realized this if not for the "tweeple" (twitter people) who are all like "TGIF!" today. If I had been a student, or if I had been employed, I would have gone cray cray as well. But guess what? I'm not.

Today's just another day.. Eating Hershey's Cookies n' Cream while watching The Family Guy while typing this down....

Just another day... But hey! I'm good just the same. I am well rested. I have lots of time to..... I don't know. But it's nice not having to worry about anything. Oh the life of an unemployed! :))

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On a Random Tuesday

It has only been a little more than two weeks since the Nursing Licensure Exam, and here I am, bored to death, and not a cent richer. In an attempt to make myself physically and mentally financially productive while I agonizingly wait for the results of the recent board exam, I have started applying online for whatever job is available. (Most of the published vacancies are for call center posts, if you’re interested.) I had gone to two interviews in the past two weeks (one at a call center company, and the other at a clothing company), and I must say, the experience has been pretty awesomesauce! I got accepted in both. Unfortunately, I have to turn the offers down for not-so-personal reasons— shifting schedules, travel time, and salary. I have allotted today for another job-hunting but decided last night not to push through. Why? Because I have just finished with Fifty Shades of Grey and the story was a freakin’ “comma”…. or a “dot dot dot” or something. I HAD TO get the second book. Haha. So I went to Trinoma this afternoon and got my hands on the second book.

Fifty Shades Darker; Along with it, I bought a heart-theme peace sign paper clip, which I intend to use as a bookmark.
And so the random Tuesday begins…..

I went to Happy Lemon to get my dose of Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese and decided to stay since there was an unoccupied table (and seats, of course!), which, by the way, rarely happens. For Instagram purposes, I took a picture of my drink… 

Happy everyday huh. I looked around and remembered this book I read about 4 years ago.. 

No Regrets: 101 Fabulous Things to Do Before You're Too Old, Married, or Pregnant
#52. People-watch in Paris… Wait whut? Trinoma will do for now J)

Hmm.. Happy.... Kids enjoying their carousel ride with either their moms or their dads; a group of foreigners satisfying their craving for some Happy Lemon drinks; a couple dancing to Mary Had a Little Lamb (I am not kidding!); some college girls sharing stories and laughs (although I probably got them a bit pissed because I had the 4-seat table all to myself.. Thank God this other customer came up to me and asked if she could share the table with me. I would’ve asked her if she agrees with this “Happy Everyday” tag line if she weren’t as busy fiddling with her smart phone as I was with mine while drafting this)… and mooore! 

I think my taking pictures of the "scene" got some people "weirded out" though. But what the hell.. #77 says, "Keep a camera with you at all times."

Well surely it wasn't "more acceptable", but yeah whatever. I would rather use my digicam, anyway. (It's easier to transfer photos from the memory card to my laptop.)

Generally, I think it was a happy day :) 

But then maybe it's because I was seated right across the carousel, and was surrounded with "Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb..." Hahaha

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I would love to say so much about my outfit except there is not much to say about it. I wore this to my sister's birthday dinner only because this maxi skirt has been in  my closet, unused, way too long. Wait, I must be exaggerating. I might have bought this just a few months back. Or not. I can't really remember. Maybe, just maybe, it has really been THAT long. Haha. Anywaaaay...

I don't wear a lot of maxi skirts, or maxi dresses for that matter. In fact, this was the first of only two maxis that I have ever bought. Why I WAS not into them, I don't know. But I'm happy I came across this one at Crossings Department Store one time while shopping with my mama. I tried it on and was surprised with how "perfectly" its spandex-ish fabric hugs my waist, and drapes through my (ehem!) long legs.

Maxi skirt, Apartment (Crossings Dept. Store)
Floral choker-type top, Freeway
Purse (vintage)
Knee-high gladiators, People Are People
I have not much advice for those who want to wear maxis as I am not an expert in this piece of clothing. I, however, think that whatever body type you have, you'll find a way to make it work!! Anyway you have lots to choose from these days. Different versions of skirts have come out lately. We have, for one, mullet skirts, which is a cross between maxi skirts and short skirts. Try on as much skirts until you find the one that falls in the right places of your body- your waist and hips, your legs, and/or your ASSet.

PS: Find the one you'll feel most comfortable in. You don't have to buy one if you're not happy IN it. Wear your clothes. Don't make your clothes wear you because YOU, miss, are not a walking rack :)

PPS: We celebrated my ATE's 22nd birthday at Market Cafe, Hyatt Hotel.
Yes, she's older than me. HAHAHA
My awesome family

Friday, July 6, 2012


RJ, the father of my blog
I had been thinking of putting up a new blog since my Tumblr got a little less personal with all the reblogs.  But I hadn't until today for two reasons: one because of the lack of time, and two because of my "awesome" computer skills. But now that boards are over and I pretty much have nothing else to do but wait for the results (which should be out in about a month or two) I, together with my good friend and personal blog creator, RJ, came up with this. (Yes, that's how bad my computer skills are... that I had to seek help from an "expert"!) Haha :)

What to expect here.... Nothing. Haha. I am a person with no particular interest, no big time links to big time events, and no forte of some sort. So this blog will contain random things- mostly things that are just about to occur in my not-so-official UNEMPLOYED life.